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Title: Essay outline and structure
Post by: RonBlade on July 16, 2021, 07:41:45 am
First, you should think about what the structure of the essay will look like. To do this, simply take and sketch out what you are going to write about. This will be the "skeleton" of the text, later it will become "homework for you reviews (".

Every text needs a writing plan, and essays especially. Now you understand how to write an essay outline.
You can say that the outline of an essay takes place in three steps:

The introduction refers to the first paragraph of the text. It is necessary to write it in such a way as to interest the reader in reading the essay to the end. So that he understands what will be told later.

Main part.
The main part considers several points of view on the same issue.
This part of the text can consist of several points, first comes the thesis - the author's thought that he is trying to convey to the reader. Then the argument and the proof of the previously written thesis. For example, a situation from personal or public life, some theory or proven scientific fact.

If one thesis will have two arguments, because one may not convince the reader, and more will just overload the essay.

However, the author has the right to bring an unlimited number of arguments to one thesis. It will depend on the structure of the essay and its volume. The main thing is that the text should be coherent and logical.

Arguments can be arranged in a sequence:

The final statement.
In the conclusion of the essay, it is necessary to draw correct conclusions on each thesis given in the part of the text. In this way, the reader will get a logical conclusion on what he or she has read. The author must describe the problem and draw a conclusion.
It turns out that at the beginning of the text in the introductory part to interest the reader, and at the end to summarize the information presented. This is the basic rule of how to write a beautiful essay.

How to write a conclusion in an essay?
The conclusion should bring everything together and present the essay as a whole. This is where you need to summarize all of the above and summarize.
Some helpful tips:

In the process of presenting your thoughts, you should alternate long and short phrases. You will facilitate the reading process, and the text itself will be dynamic.
No need to use unfamiliar and difficult words, they will make the text incomprehensible.
Try to write fewer generalizing phrases, because the essay should reveal the uniqueness and individuality of the author, as well as indicate his personal qualities.
You should be careful in your use of humorous phrases. Some readers may feel irritated while reading.
It is necessary to talk about personal experiences, impressions and memories on the chosen topic, so you will convince the reader of the truth of what is written.
It is necessary to stick to the chosen topic and not "go away" by describing incomprehensible facts.
Before handing in the material, the essay should be read, making sure that there is logic in the text.
Research and observations are used to be more convincing.
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Title: Re: Essay outline and structure
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