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How to write a good essay in English. How to start an essay
« on: August 20, 2021, 12:14:15 am »
In the previous article, we looked at what structural parts an essay consists of, and today we will talk more about how to start an essay in English, we will study what types of introductions can be used in an essay, and what they consist of.

An introduction consists of two parts: general statements and a thesis statement.

General statements:

introduce the general topic of the essay;
attract the reader's interest.

The thesis statement:

specifies the topic of the essay;
may list subtopics within the main topic;
can determine the structure of the essay;
as a rule, it is the last sentence in the introduction.

In a previous article, we gave the example of an essay on the influence of Native Americans on modern American culture. Notice how in this essay the general statements in the introduction gradually introduce its topic. The first sentence is about the arrival of Europeans and their encounter with new cultures. The next sentence emphasizes that the difference between Europeans and Indians was quite large. The next two sentences say that there was a two-way cultural exchange, but no specific details are mentioned in assignment masters reviews.

The thesis is a more specific statement; it identifies the direction of the cultural exchange (Indians influenced the culture of the modern United States) and lists subtopics (language, art, cuisine, and polity).

The introduction-warner and other types of introductions
The introduction from the example is the funnel introduction. This type of introduction is so named because it has a funnel-like structure: wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. It begins with one or two very general statements about the topic. Each successive sentence gradually gets closer to the topic, and the last sentence tells you what the essay will be about specifically.

Other types of introductions can also be used successfully to grab the reader's attention.

A dramatic, interesting, or amusing story.
Surprising facts or statistics.
Historical facts.

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